As part of qualification for StreetDance Hip Hop Swiss Championship and for the World Championships 2015, O-KEE is a partner of the Lausanne event set on the Saturday 30th of May at Onmisport Stadium at the "Vallée de la Jeunesse" in Lausanne.


The competition brings together the best dancers in Switzerland and tickets for a qualification to the World Championships in 2015 in Rimini (Italy) will be hotly contested

Explorers Festival

O-KEE was present in the 16º edition of "Explorers Festival" in Lodz in 2014 as Partner and Official Sponsor.

The "Explorers Festival" is one of the main festival of adventure and discovery in Europe. This is the annual opportunity to meet real adventurers and hear their stories on live.

O-KEE is the partner and one sponsor for an adventure trip around the world starting in May 2015 , the " 360˚ Enduro World Tour". This journey by motorcycle without assistance will be accomplished by « Freeway », two riders who have already made ​​few long distance trips.


For the " 360˚ Enduro World Tour" will ride our bikers 150,000 km through 85 countries in 28 months , and they will visit a hundred schools to collect testimonies and reports on the topic of water, minerals and vitamins , which are essential to all kind of life, but also to talk to school children how important is water on health.


O-KEE will be present throughout this journey in order to provide our two adventurers necessary technical support for conferences and visit each school . It will also achieved a great story gathering evidence of children from five continents , speaking of their relationship to the water , where they find it… , how they use it…

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